Driving the change - Being the leader.

An interesting thought that came to my mind when I thought about leadership..

There can be three scenarios in our professional life to chose from.
1. Creating and driving a change for others to follow
2. Being with the change a leader has created
3. Resisting a change

Of this, There is nothing better than we creating and driving a change. And that's nothing but leadership.

Leaders always brings the change. You need not hold a title to emphasize your leader ship always. All what is required is to choose 'leading and bring about creative things in what ever small things you are already doing' over 'just being an executioner of your day to day activities'

On the extreme, if you happen to be resisting a change, then you are in wrong foot. Better change yourself or look out for more accommodating space for your career. May be you are in a wrong job.

If you are happy being with the change, may be it is time for you to run faster than the change and start leading the same.Which means, you are in the right decision, but will always be one leg short off the destiny, resulting in a life long chase. your wanting to be a leader can change this. It is just a paradigm shift.

Now you chose how your career need to be - A RACE where you CHASE? or a RACE where you LEAD.

If it is latter, better gear up to create changes.

A Chase is always a chase, always behind your target. But when u lead it u are in driver's seat. U encourage others to chase your success points. You keep creating new success bench marks and keep travelling. For a winner, chasers will always be to follow him. And they will call you - The leader.

I relate the same reason for which personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Sri Ravisankar, Steve Job, Abraham Lincoln, Bill gates, Narayana Murthy and many other are always adored as people's beloved leaders. All have one thing in common. All of them brought innovation and sustainable changes in what they did/do the best.

Lets bring in a culture of leadership across the organization. Start with simple changes. Lets try doing things differently, bringing in a sense of change in the organization. Faster we do this, faster we globalize our organization.. in all sense.

Let's work together.. Together WE'r strong..
Happy working days!