What to improve productivity?

RESPECT = PRODUCTIVITY!! … Seems strange? But it is true.Let us try to understand this theory.

If you want to improve productivity in your professional arena, we should go back to the basics of human nature.What I mean is as follows. Everything which involves human effort has an invisible factor contributing to its success. It is the READINESS of HUMAN MIND!

Unless a person’s mind is ready enough, he will not have his thoughts prepared and his actions will not yield the desired result.

Productivity can be measured in terms of quality, timeliness, efficiency, cost save etc. Since most of our jobs involve human effort, the output also varies based on the person’s mood to do the work.

Now the question is how to ensure that the person has the right mind set to do the work? Simple! Just make sure he is provided with the right atmosphere to work.
Now, how to ensure the right atmosphere?. Many a times, it is not just the physical environment and the gimmicks in the office atmosphere that will suffice. It is the persona very own attitude that makes the maximum difference.

The only one thing that can override any mental hurdle a person might be crossing over is his self-esteem. That is why different people overcome the similar difficulties to different levels of success.
A person with better self-esteem and confidence will handle difficult situation better

A good manager should understand this basic truth and should start boosting his colleague’s self-esteem. How do we do that?

Simple! GIVE him the RESPECT and SPACE for him to execute his ideas on work.

However big/small the position your colleague holds;
1. Respect him for whatever work he does; Because without him, that part of the work is incomplete and also because you might not fit in to his shoes how every small or big the work he does – just like the way he might not fit in to your shoes.
2. Respect his thoughts and ideas; Because, one brilliant idea might change the phase of your delivery or even your company
3. Respect him to be a part of your team; Because without him, your team is incomplete
4. Respect him for his good works; Because you never know, his one small good deed might inspire your team as a whole
5. Respect him for his failures; Because his preparedness to face same challenge has changed after his last failure and you have a better competent person with you.

Finally, Respect him for no specific reason! Because he is another self-esteemed individual as YOU!

Eventually, without your team’s help, you can achieve nothing. The moment you start respecting people for what they are; people start going all the way out to help you. They try to put in their best effort to ensure your interests are met with. There is no better way to get the best result.

How much ever control you put in place to improve productivity, if the above basic factor is missing; the efficiency will always be one yard below the desired.
Similarly; If you start respecting your team, no matter what minimal levels of controls you have; it will ensure a minimum level of desired productivity.

It is because; you now have a self-motivated team which is already in auto pilot mode. Now what do you think? Is RESPECT = PRODUCTIVITY?

Start respecting.. Rewards will follow :)


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