Turn your negatives to positives

Have you ever wondered, “How I will live with your so called negative traits and yet excel in your career?” Take my word for it that you can not only live with it, but also use it to get positive results.

For that first you need to realize the ground at which you stand.
1. The first step is to know your own limitations – This helps you to know what you want to improve.
a. Write down the things that you need to improve. For example: Short temperedness, over aggressiveness, cribbing nature, poor people management capability etc.
2. The second step is to know your own strengths. Each one of us is gifted with a unique strength. But unless you know how/when to sell/use your strong points, it is of limited use.
a. Write down your own strong points. For example: High level of awareness, Meticulous and methodical, commitment, hardworking etc.

Now starts the game!
• Out of the total number of things that you want to improve, choose one which you feel is easiest for you. I am selecting here, for example ‘short temperedness’.
• Choose one of the strong points that you may have which could positively compliment your above chosen negative point. I am selecting here, for example ‘high level of awareness’.

Now, you are almost there!. Club these two in to one emotion. Which means; in above example make it ‘Short temperedness with a high level of awareness’.
Now, let’s see how this can be made useful and practical in our career.

Suppose you as a manager want to handle a situation where the delivery is at stake and the team has limited capability to handle the crisis, to the extent that they continue to be relaxed and complacent. And you - the manager seems to be the only person who is serious above the delivery.

What next? - Shake them and wake them up and get them on their toes!!!
How to do it? – Shiver their spines!!!

Now, the problem is you cannot shiver the spine of a team by being people friendly and nice chats.

Have you ever heard of how Srikrishna shivered the spine of Arjuna during when Arjuna surrendered his armaments, just before the Mahabharatha war? He started the conversation with Arjuna by calling him a COWARD! Srikrishna called him a Coward with full awareness that Arjuna in reality is not a coward. Krishna was also fully aware that this will shake him up and it worked! It was too much for a proclaimed warrior like Arjuna to assimilate. How can Arjuna who is proclaimed as the greatest warrior of all times be a coward. It shivered the spine of Arjuna and he woke up his mind to continue with the rest of the conversation with full awareness.

In our case, similar treatment has to be employed. You have to let lose your temper at the team to wake them up , but with full awareness that “I am doing this for a purpose and the purpose is to wake the team up to hear out & execute my strategy for delivery”. Once the treatment is given, that moment you should shed your emotions and come back to their tunes.

Believe me while these two qualities works might not independently well, it will add dimension to your management capability if used together in a timely manner.

This is just one example I have given. You can try out hundreds of different combinations of your own characters – mainly your strengths and weaknesses to add dimension to your character and in turn enhance your management qualities.

Hope you got some sense of what I mean. The rest I leave it to your imagination.

Last but not least, this is best executed by a person on his own, not by advises and feedbacks from outside for the simple reason that, what makes changes in you is your own thought processes and realization. Others can only give some TIPs and guidance. So this is ‘Do it your own’ exercise.

All the best! Do let me know the results :)


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