Managing a Smarter Life - II

There are the two ways of living life:
  • The easy way
  • The tough way
Two simple tips for having a Tough life:
•Don’t do Art Of Living.
•And if by mistake if you did it, DO NOT practice kriya regularly.

A lot of people spend their life ‘the tough way’ expecting it to be easy and work out the way they want it to be…

Most people spend their time, energy and efforts to ensure that one is able to successful in whatever endeavors one takes up in life…

Here I would like to share with you all what Bawa , who is the founder director of WAYE, had to share about being successful in one of his talks the other day on PASSION MANAGEMENT.

The three key factors for success are :

“If you donot want a dream, how u gonna have a dream come true..”
The imagination that ..”this is a possibility, this can happen” is quite necessary to kindle the enthusiasm to convert your dream into a reality.
otherwise it would just fade away as a dream...

If you want to turn your imagination into reality you really need to work towards it..
Many a times even the most fertile imaginations remain just as such because you donot take a step to work out it out to reality.
Your imaginations to be fruitful need to be translated into action.

Satwa is that aspect of consciousness which does two things –
  • It allows you to go deeper in meditation.
  • It makes life easy. By life being made easy, whatever actions you do, the results comes faster and in MORE than you expect.. in simple terms, you become ‘ lucky ’ a lot often
Compare a door to any obstacle that you face in your daily life situations....
When there is a wall, because of your satwa a door will open just for you. Other people will walk away, crying & or grumbling that “there is a WALL!! I can’t do anything about it!! What do you expect from me?? “…… A person having sattwa comes and definitely a door to walk through will open.

These three is an unbeatable combination. Nothing can stop you.
SIMPLY having high sattwa is not enough.
SIMPLY having only imagination is not enough.
SIMPLY a lot of effort being put is not enough.
All the three are in sync and wouldn’t be effective without the other.

This is so easily noticable that people with imagination also work so hard, but somehow they donot get the results.
That is why it is vital that we meditate;
If you want success in your life, Then you are being an idiot not meditating. Otherwise it’s like working all the while but for going in the completely opposite direction of where your aim is.

You need to work, but not necessarily do HARD work.
But yes! A bit of hard work is needed before one can get into smart work…

So through work, along with imagination and sattwa, whatever you aspire for , not only for yourself but also for others will start to manifest.
A Satguru in life can make life a lot simpler…

Kurshed Batiliwala , the director founder of WAYE conducts the Youth Empowerment and Skills (YES!+) Workshop world wide, inspiring the youth all over to take up higher challenges and live a life of a better human being.